10 Questions With Michael David Anderson

I recently did an interview over at the Leighgendarium, and it went live today! Check it out!

The Leighgendarium

Welcome Leighgendaries to the fifteenth edition of 10 Questions With…

Today, our guest is:


Michael David Anderson

Horror and suspense novelist Michael David Anderson was born in Sevierville, Tennessee, in 1985. He spent his childhood years in Georgia and Tennessee. At the age of seven, Anderson began writing short stories, and in 8th grade he published his first poem “Dog,” which he later included in his poetry collection Delusions of Grandeur & Illusions of Eloquence. He graduated from Karns High School in Knoxville, Tennessee, in 2003, and he possesses degrees in both Psychology and English.

Anderson has published several books of poetry as well as a handful of short stories. He has published two novels, both of which are installments of the Teddy Dormer series: Teddy and Wake. He recently began work on his next novel.

He lives with his significant other, Heather Moira Green. Bandit, his dog, is a German…

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