You Smiled Today

“You Smiled Today”
-Michael David Anderson-

You smiled today
It was the kind that didn’t just curve your lips
It reached your eyes, lighting them up
That smile was one of the reasons I fell in love with you

It was simply a trick, a silly flirtation
But in those moments, things were (almost) normal again
And I felt like I belonged there

Imagine how sad I was when I went to bed alone

Sometimes there are problems we cannot see
And when everything falls apart and we discover the source
We say, Of course
This is what caused all the misery

Sometimes the problem isn’t us
Sometimes it’s the things that precede

Seeing your smile today
Hearing you laugh
I remembered the girl I love
And saw you fresh for the first time in months
Oh, how I’ve missed you
Oh, how I’m going to miss you


Copyright © March 2016 by Michael David Anderson


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